Davis Neighbor's Night Out Party Sponsor Form

*If you sign up prior to Sept 15th, you can be entered into a lottery for a special guest to attend your event. If you have a special request for a visitor, for example, a City Council member, UC Davis Staff or student, Police or Fire department staff, Cal Aggie Band-uh!, Gunrock, or a Unitrans double-decker bus, include your request in the Special Instructions field at the bottom of this form.
This will use the phone number or email address you specified above.
If you wish to specify a street address then please enter a value in the Event Street Number and the street name in the Event Street Name A field. If you wish to specify an intersection then enter one of the two street names in the Event Street Name A field and the second street in the Event Street Name B field and leave the Event Street Number field empty.
Please indicate what you would like to be included in your party pack. These will be delivered approximately one week before the event.